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Most Complimented Timepiece

SubAqua Noma III, Model #4562 (Photo credit: Timezone)

As watch collectors, many of us go about our day, choosing our daily wrist-wear based on a mood, feeling, or specific style coordination. The choice of watch is certainly not driven by a desire to receive as many compliments as possible. That being said, there are certain watches within our collections that receive more attention, for whatever the reason, than others.

In my particular case, the watch within my collection that has garnered the most unsolicited compliments was the SubAqua Noma III, Valjoux 7750 Automatic Chronograph. The watch definitely offered bold styling, with an in-your-face design, that looked like something Robocop would wear. With a case diameter North of 49 mm, it gave this timepiece exceptional wrist presence, that was impossible to miss.

Most compliments were driven off of the bodacious styling alone of the timepiece, with most folks knowing little if anything about the brand, materials, watch movement, etc. It just goes to show, that exceptional wrist-game doesn't have to come from a well known luxury brand, but matters only the look on your wrist. So what was / is your most complimented watch?

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