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most exotic dial material?

Watch dial of the Invicta COSC Pro Diver showing ruby and sapphire gemstones on bezel, and meteorite dial.
Invicta Pro Diver, Ruby, Sapphire, and Meteorite, COSC Certified Chronometer

There are a myriad of watch dial choices, finishes, and materials available on the market today, all which brings their own unique flair to a timepiece. Materials such as ceramic and wood have gained recent popularity for use in bracelets and dials. But for my money, there is still one exotic dial material that still stands-out from the rest, and that material is meteorite.

To me, meteorite is still in that rarified air, as the cost of sourcing and obtaining the material means that meteorite is only available in limited quantities, to limited brands. Inside of the dial, the meteorite becomes the main attraction. The amount of beauty marks and ridges, or striations on the dial, gives each meteorite dial its' own personal character. Add-in gemstones or contrasting index markers, and you'll get a dial that simply pops in any kind of lighting situation.

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