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multiple watch switches

There may come a time when your collection has reached a point that you just can't wait until the next day to get some wrist-time in on a favorite, or multiple favorite watches. You may have also secretly switched-out a timepiece, even when your WOTD post is only a few hours hold, LOL.

Rest easy, for you're not alone, and you don't need an intervention or a self-help group. Some timepieces just call-out to you from the presentation / storage box, just begging to be worn; of course you must oblige. Other timepieces will guilt you into swapping them out on your wrist, as it's probably been more than a few days, weeks, or months since you last enjoyed some time with that particular timepiece. The urge to make that double or triple switch gets even stronger following the purchase of a new timepiece, or timepieces, and the ensuing honeymoon period with said new purchase(s).

The famed double, or triple-switch, will ensure an efficient run through your rotation of timepieces, and no timepiece will be unintentionally left behind.

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