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My Best ever bargain on a New Watch purchase

I had to think long an hard on this topic, accessing my memory bank of watch purchases over the previous 25+ years, as to what I thought was my best deal, or bargain on a new, not previously owned timepiece.

I also had to raise the bar for criteria on this bargain timepiece, as there are too many good deals to be had regarding "Swiss" quartz timepieces, and simple 3-hand, Japanese and Chinese automatic timepieces for sub $100; so my choice had to offer additional complications, other than just time and date. I also didn't want to factor-in materials such as gemstones and different dial materials, as the pricing of these items is subjective to the quality of the materials and the ability and efficiency of each manufacturer to source these exotic materials, and build a percentage of that cost into the timepiece.

My choice, was the Tissot Navigator. I was initially drawn to the look of the timepiece because it sported one of my favorite color schemes in a timepiece, orange and black, for my beloved Baltimore Orioles. But you factor in a Valjoux 7750 chronograph complication, being offered by a brand with an excellent track record of quality, workmanship, and service, at well under $400 USD, this choice was a no-brainer.

So happy bargain hunting! As my example shows, there are still excellent watch deals to be had out there if you're willing to shelve the compulsion, and do a little hunting!

If you would like additional information or specifications on the Tissot Navigator timepiece featured in this article, please click on the picture to be taken to a direct link.

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