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My Current Top-5

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

The state of my watch collection or SOTC is ever evolving, much like your own. But it got me wondering what I considered to be the current top 5 timepieces within my collection, right now? A tough list to compile, but I'll give it a shot.

#5. The Pramzius, Fall of the Berlin Wall, Limited Edition

Pramzius, fall of the Berlin Wall, Limited Edition.

A piece I originally thought would add-up to be nothing more than a novelty piece when first released, has proven to be a solid addition to my collection. A true limited edition timepiece, with design elements normally seen in watches costing many multiple hundreds, if not thousands more. The marble dial, replicated graffiti art, and index markers are stunning, but then add actual pieces from the Berlin Wall, set into the crown, and you've got a real conversation piece, and actual piece of history on the wrist.

#4. Stuhrling Original, Devilray Tourbillon, Limited Edition

Stuhrling Original, Devilray Tourbillon, Limited Edition

Man, what's not to like about this timepiece? A perfect mix of Bronze, Brown, and Copper tones, and meticulous details that really make this timepiece a special watch. First, taking design cues from the DNA Titanic watch, gives this piece a strong wrist presence to begin with. The perlage engraving on the dial provides a high-end, luxury frame to showcase the Tourbillon cage. A true limited edition, with a movement complication, whether Swiss or Asian in origin, that is still very rare, and sought after among watch collectors.

#3. Bulova, Lunar Pilot, Special Edition

Bulova, Lunar Pilot, Special Edition

I'll never be considered a watch snob or purist, elevating my automatic or mechanical timepieces above quartz, as I have just as much love for my quartz pieces, as I do my mechanical and autos; obviously so, to elevate one into the #3 position of my current top-5. The Lunar Pilot is the showcase timepiece of Bulova's Archive Series, throwing it back as an homage to the original Bulova Lunar Pilot Chronograph, and the significance of the Bulova brand, at the time, to the NASA space program, and the Apollo 15 mission. Along with the smashing good looks of the dial and case, there's a party in the rear as well, with the caseback sporting commemorative engraving, referencing the Apollo 15 mission, and the inclusion of a custom NATO strap, which has a special leather patch sewn on, indicating the date-of-mission information.

#2. Vostok, Amphibian, Radio Room Mod

Vostok, Amphibian, Radio Room Mod

Often times, the most recent add to your collection, instantly becomes one of the favorites. Such is the case I suppose with this Vostok, Amphibian, Radio Room mod. A Radio Room timepiece was definitely on my short list of must haves, and I honestly thought it would come in the form of one of the many Vostok-Europe timepieces I've coveted lately. But as fate would have it, I came across this beautiful mod, and it was love at first sight. The Radio Room dial, and mix of Red, Black, and White is visually captivating, but I think the Black, shark mesh bracelet is such a stark contrast, but just seems to be the perfect finishing touch for this timepiece.

#1. Breitling, Avenger Seawolf

Breitling, Avenger Seawolf

There are brands within the watch world that immediately illicit thoughts of high-quality and mechanical precision, and Breitling is definitely one of those brands. Fit-and-finish on this timepiece is impeccable, as you would expect with a timepiece at the outer fringes of what is considered universally affordable; and this timepiece continues to look fabulous, after being worn fairly regularly within the rotation, over the past few years; which speaks to the quality factor of the brand. Every time I want some color to brighten my mood, this is definitely one of my go to pieces, as it doesn't get much classier than Breitling yellow. This watch also offers the perfect case size for me, at 45mm, not over-sized, but still offering a substantial amount of wrist-presence.



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