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My First Wrist Watch

My Daughter's Angry Bird Watch Gets A Spot In The Watch Box!

While perusing the jewelry category of one of the online estate sale sites, I came across a quartz snoopy timepiece and that watch immediately took me back to my childhood. I vividly remember my very first watch. A Snoopy quartz timepiece. I have no idea who the watch was manufactured by, or what store my Dad purchased the timepiece from, but I'll never forget the dial. The character Snoopy, clad in sportswear, wearing a headband and holding a tennis racket. The second hand, the tennis ball of course.

For me, it was an incredible first, a "real" watch, with one of my favorite characters adorning the dial. I remember cherishing that timepiece, and pretty much wearing the watch until the band completely disintegrated.

What followed through the remainder of my childhood, were timepieces like the customary "Mickey" timepiece, a couple of tried-and-true Timex field watches, and eventually graduated myself to Casio digital timepieces during the early 80's.

I can't say that my daughter, at the tender age of 6, shared the same excitement at receiving her first timepiece, which I believe is one of the Angry Birds, however she is excited that her watch gets to be prominently showcased within one of my watch storage boxes. So what was your first timepiece?

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