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my most anticipated watch purchase of 2018?

Bulova, "Bulova Oceanographer", "Bulova Vintage", "Bulova Devil Diver", "Bulova Re-issue", "Bulova Devil Diver 666"
Bulova, Oceanographer, Snorkel "666", photo credit: Gear Patrol

Taking a look at the current state of my collection, I can say that up to this point I have been fortunate to have acquired a nice mix of affordable and luxury timepieces within my stable of timepieces. And I can actually say, for the first time I've been in the watch collecting game, I have reached a level of contentment with my collection that I haven't felt in previous years.

The purpose for my collecting has been to have a watch, or two, or three, that's suitable for all occassions and situations. But there comes a time when a timepiece arrives on the scene and it immediately becomes a must-have. That watch for me is the Bulova, Oceanographer Snorkel, Devil Diver "666". A watch that is part of Bulova's Archive series, reviving iconic Bulova watch designs from the 1960's and 1970's, and the new Bulova Snorkel makes no apologies to it's design influence, being more of a resurrection, rather than an homage.

For me, the Devil Diver re-issue has everything that I yearn for in a vintage-style dive watch; a cushion case design, a vintage-style dial and index markers, a clean bezel and dial lay-out, and a simple, well-built bracelet. Looks as though I'll have a choice of movement offerings, as a special edition, with orange dial, will be powered by a Selitta, SW-200 automatic movement, while the standard model will be powered by a Miyota automatic movement.

No matter the watch movement selected, I expect the Devil Diver re-issue to be an extremely solid timeiece; and I can't wait to get my hands on one!

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