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My most recognized movie wrist-wear

Dr. Strange Watch Collection

Being a fan of all things watches, I find myself checking-out the wrist-wear of pretty much every person I come in contact with on a daily basis. At a meeting earlier today, I spied what looked to be a fine quality timepiece sitting atop the wrist of my meeting counterpart, but alas the shirt cuff would not reveal the true identity of the timepiece, and it pretty much bugged me for the rest of the meeting. I stopped just short of breaking down, or stalkerville, and asking him to reveal the identity of his timepiece choice for the day.

To a lesser degree, I find myself paying attention to wrist-wear showcased in movies and television. Of course this probably speaks more to the taste of the costume designers, or specific period in time that a movie may be trying to recreate, rather than the style sense or taste of the actor or actress itself. One particular movie stands out in recent years, only because as a watch collector, I immediately had something in common with the character being shown on the screen, that resonated with me. The movie was Dr. Strange, and I am in no way a Dr. Strange fan or die-hard Marvel fan. I didn't even know there was a super hero named Dr. Strange, but I absolutely loved the scene where he makes a watch selection from his watch storage winder / presentation box.

At that moment, I didn't know what his super power was, but having a damn fine collection of timepieces from Jaeger-LeCoultre, Tag Heuer, and Rolex, just to name a few, that cat is alright with me. Dr. Strange's collection would even make 007 envious!

Now of course I wonder what Bruce Wayne's watch collection must look like?

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