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My Top-7 Watch Wish List For 2019 - Recap

Wrist-Shot of the Spinnaker, Tesei - Titanium.  Paired with an Eagle Ray, rope bracelet, designed by Dorsal Bracelet Company.
Spinnaker, Tesei - Titanium

Towards the end of 2018, I began to compile a short list, of the top-7 timepieces I was most interested in adding to my collection in 2019. This wasn't a top-to-bottom ranking, but rather a list of models, newly released, or pending release, that happened to catch my eye. I only compiled a list of 7, because I anticipated that there would be many other shiny new objects, to catch my eye during my 2019 watch purchasing journey. As a refresher, the brands and models I coveted for 2019 were: Bulova Lunar Pilot, Alsta Nautoscaph II, Spinnaker Tesei Titanium, NTH Devilray Turquoise, Straton Syncro Black, TSAO Baltimore Torsk Diver, and Zelos Swordfish; so how did I make out?

There's no wrong choice with any of the aforementioned brands and models. And, outside of Bulova, Spinnaker, and TSAO Baltimore, all of the remaining brand choices would be a new experience for me; with microbrands well represented within the group. With 14 days remaining in 2019, there may still be time (and finances) to add one more from the list.

Of the magnificent 7 on my list, my secured purchases include the Bulova Lunar Pilot and Spinnaker Tesei Titanium. I opted to purchase a Straton Daily Driver, instead of the Straton Syncro, just to introduce myself to the brand, but that doesn't count. So, my official tally thus far, is 2 timepieces secured, out of 7.

While I didn't purchase all 7 watches on my wish list in 2019, I did add some excellent timepieces to my collection. I've always said that watch collectors are like cats, with any shiny new object sure to capture their attention. I'd prefer to term my alternate watch purchases as "opportunity buys". The reality, during my various searches, I couldn't find an Alsta Nautoscaph II, Zelos Swordfish, NTH, TSAO Baltimore, or Straton Syncro at the price I was willing to pay. But I'm a true believer in the waiting game, when it comes to obtaining the right timepiece for the right price. There were a few rare, past occasions when I overpaid for a timepiece that I highly coveted, but this is my exception, rather than my rule.

At least I made the conscious decision to attack watch collecting 2019 with a purchasing strategy. I have found this is the most prudent way to reduce impulse buys, that ultimately don't add many keepers to a collection. Outside of the 7 watches on my wish list, my other two main goals for adds to my collection in 2019 were 1. add more Russian and Eastern European brands, and 2. dip my toe into the vintage pool for the first time. I definitely accomplished both of these goals, with brand adds to my collection from Tsikolia, Pramzius, Vostok, Vostok Europe, and Sturmanski, and my first vintage piece, a Moljnia military pilot watch, from the 1980's, currently on order.

If anything, the goal setting for my watch collecting, has added a bit more interest and fun to an already fun and interesting hobby. Here's to another fruitful year of watch collecting in the year 2020!

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