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My Vintage Turn

Over the past few years, I've definitely seen my collection take on more-and-more of a vintage-inspired influence; between Pilots, Racing Chronos, and cushioned-case Dive watches, my watch box is starting to look like it could belong in Steve McQueen's armoire.

So, while the style of vintage pieces has intrigued me more, over the last few years, one thing I haven't been completely sold on, is the size of the majority of vintage cases. With most vintage case diameters sub 40mm (including the crown), I find many incredible looking vintage watches, simply too small for me to pull-off successfully. But with acquiring more vintage-style purchases, it was inevitable that curiosity would eventually get the best of me. Not to mention, acquiring my first true, vintage piece was on my watch collecting priority list for 2019.

My first, official flirtation with the vintage genre of watches, was the acquisition of the Molnija, Chemical Warrior. The Molnija falls more into the category of a resto-mod, designed by a watch vendor, that has watchmakers specializing in restoring and rehabing Russian watch movements, bringing back to life vintage, Russian Military brands and designs. The biggest allure to me with the Chemical Warrior, was that it fit nicely in my wearable wheelhouse at 45mm. But the Molnija timepiece, was without a doubt, my gateway into pure vintage timepieces.

1980's Molnija Chemical Warrior

With my appetite now wet to add another vintage timepiece, it was time to explore the wonderful world of Ebay. Obviously with Ebay, there are a myriad of vendors and vintage options, but one timepiece that immediately caught my eye, was the Omega, Geneve - Dynamic, With Racing Dial. The piece aesthetically, was in excellent condition for a 1960s - 1970s timepiece. One of the things that is a bit of a turn-off for me, with vintage anything, are things that look broken-down, and overly worn; I know, an oxymoron when it comes to vintage pieces. So, I can appreciate an older timepiece, but not one that looks as if it was put through the ringer for the entire 40 years of its life.

The Omega definitely checked all the boxes for me, and now I'm all-in on the Vintage train. 40mm case diameter (including crown), is about the smallest I'll go, so I know that will limit my options, but it will be fun to search the various vintage styles and brands available. Adding another layer to my hobby of watch collecting, to continue to keep it interesting.

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