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new shoes, new attitude

Glycine Combat Sub ref. 3913.5

I've discussed before, through a previous blog entry, my journey into growing to accept additional wrist-wear to compliment my timepieces. But one of the simplest things that a watch fan can do to enhance their wrist-game, is switch-out the original equipment manufacturer strap or bracelet with an after-market bracelet or strap. I must admit, I came way late to the party on this, as other watch enthusiasts have been changing-up the look of their watches as a regular part of their hobby for years.

Much like a fresh new paint job on an automobile, or repainting a room, selecting an alternate strap choice can bring-out a completely new attitude in your watch. Going from a stainless bracelet to a calf-leather strap for a more casual look, or perhaps adding strap materials consisting of silicone, nylon, sail-cloth, Kevlar, etc, to garner a true sport-look, giving your timepiece full functionality over land, sea, or air. Adding a strap containing exotic skins such as alligator, ostrich, lizard, etc., can add a rich look to any dress timepiece.

In the example referenced in the above picture, you can see how well the after-market Kevlar strap I purchased immediately livens up the look of my Combat Sub on the wrist, just by simply adding a splash of color, coordinating the stitching on the Kevlar strap with the red dial accents. The multitude of strap materials, styles, and colors available offers nearly an endless array of choices and possibilities for creating different looks for your watch, it's almost like wearing a different watch each day, and is an easy way to up your wrist-game!

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