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Pramzius Iron Wolf Review

Pramzius is set to release their next timepiece, a follow-up, to the very well received Berlin Wall Watch, in the form of the Iron Wolf. Watch collectors love a timepiece with a good backstory, a conversation piece if you will. And one thing Pramzius does well, is create watch designs that tell stories of historical significance, within the Eastern European regions that many of their affiliated, R2A Watches distributed brands like Vostok Europe, Sturmanski, Tsikolia, etc., hail from.

The Iron Wolf name is taken from a character of medieval legend, that tells the story of the founding of the capital city, of the modern republic of Lithuania, Vilnius; no doubt, the decision to choose this design concept and model name, is a thoughtful nod to the City and Country that continues to produce one of R2A Watches (the Sister company of the Pramzius brand) most popular distributed brands, Vostok Europe. The Iron Wolf is most often depicted in a howling stance, with legend stating that the howl of the Iron Wolf, and prominence of Vilnius, will be heard and recognized, all over the world. With such strength symbolized in the Iron Wolf, its no surprise that the Lithuanian Military, adopted the Iron Wolf, as the name of their motorized Infantry Brigade. In the Iron Wolf, Pramzius fuses medieval legend with modern-day Military influence, to create a dress-military timepiece worthy of its name.

To say that the Iron Wolf will impact and influence the dress-military watch market, in the way the Seamaster Professional did for the dress-diver watch category, is a stretch. But the Pramzius Iron Wolf is a solid timepiece, built to the engineering specifications of a tool, Military field watch, with the inclusion of design elements and materials, like open-heart dial cut-a-ways to showcase the Miyota automatic movement, and mother-of-pearl dials; elements typically reserved for use in timepieces built for more luxurious applications. The Pramzius Iron Wolf exemplifies tactical refinement, at its best!

The Pramzius team, being actual watch collectors, understands the watch collector. And recognizes that not every collector will have the same taste when it comes to the favored case / bracelet finish, dial material, and / or movement. And for this reason, Pramzius provides the following options with the Iron Wolf:

-Available in 44mm case diameter.

-Case Thickness 13mm.

-Choice of either a fully functional Miyota 6S21 quartz chronograph movement, or Miyota 82S7 automatic movement, with dial cut-a-way to showcase the movement, and dual-time, 24-hour sub-dial.

-Mother-of-pearl, full-lume, or Carbon Fiber dial options.

-Case finishes in Black PVD, frosted stainless steel, or distressed stainless steel.

-A myriad of strap options are available, to include a custom Bund strap, made especially for the Iron Wolf, camoflage NATO straps, or standard bracelet.

The Indiegogo campaign for the Pramzius Iron Wolf is still active, and is anticipated to remain active through the end of May. At the $389 backer level, you will receive your Iron Wolf timepiece with the bracelet, custom leather Bund strap, and NATO strap, which is an incredible packaged deal! The entry level backer price offering is $249, which will get you your choice of Iron Wolf on the bracelet option only. You can follow the link below to the Indiegogo, Iron Wolf campaign page.

Pramzius did an excellent job with the presentation of the Iron Wolf, with the inner-packaging meant to replicate the look and feel of a canvas, Military rucksack. Once again, the Pramzius design team had the collector in mind, with their choice of packaging, as the presentation box doubles as a travel case, able to hold two timepieces, and additional straps, while keeping your pieces and straps secure with a fully-zippered, snap-button enclosure.

Even though Pramzius added a touch of elegance to the Iron Wolf, they didn't forget about the lume fans out there, utilizing 15 silk-screen layers of Swiss Super Luminova to provide a long-lasting, torch-like lume display. The full-lume dial on the left, utilizes a sandwich dial configuration.

Personally owning the Pramzius, Berlin Wall Watch, I know that with Pramzius, details matter. And it's the fine, subtle details that allow a watch collector to appreciate something new and different about a timepiece, with each wearing. As the Iron Wolf is a Military inspired piece, you see that influence in the design of the gunsight sub-dials, and gunsight tip of the chronograph second hand, sawtooth-etched, uni-directional bezel, meant to symbolize the teeth of the Iron Wolf, gun turret etched within the crown, to pay homage to the Wolf Fighting Vehicle, and caseback artwork on both the automatic and quartz versions. The custom dog tags, which provide the model and serial number information of the timepiece, is literally the cherry on-top, to a very impressive, Military-themed presentation.

For their 3rd timepiece, Pramzius seems to have hit another homerun in the Iron Wolf. And this was no easy feat, especially coming on the heels of their successful Berlin Wall Watch campaign. The Pramzius approach is to have each model concept stand on its own, and this is novel, as no previous model biases, good or bad, can bleed into, or influence the current project; in this way, each Pramzius project is unique.

The Iron Wolf is an astounding effort by Pramzius, exhibiting design-build quality and materials seen on brands and models at much higher price points; so the price-to-value ratio is extremely high with the Iron Wolf. And if you can snag this package at the Indiegogo campaign price point, before it closes at the end of May, the watch and straps are an outright steal!

The Iron Wolf is a timepiece with a well-thought design concept, exceptional build quality, backstory that makes for a wonderful conversation piece, and enough case finish, strap, and movement options to satisfy most any watch collector. Just like the legend, watch collectors will surely take notice of the howl of the Pramzius Iron Wolf!


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