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Radio Silence and Pandemic Fatigue!

Hello all, and I hope this particular Blog post finds you all well. You may, or may not have noticed that my daily Blog posts have been a lot less frequent in recent months, since the end of August. I felt the need to offer a bit of an explanation for the sudden reduction in posts, my radio silence if you will.

The only explanation that I can really give is due to what many of us are dealing with as we've attempted to navigate daily through this global outbreak, and that's the phenomenon of pandemic fatigue. As September approached, my Daughter was about to resume in-class learning, all the while my Wife had really been doing the heavy lifting since March, balancing her work-at-home duties, overseeing my Daughter's Zoom class instruction, and trying to be Super Mom. All this, while my at work schedule remained pretty much the same.

So it was, as my Daughter's in-class instruction was about to resume this past September, I figured it was best to put the hobby of watch collecting (something I'm sure has kept some modicum of sanity for me during the craziness of the pandemic) on the back burner for a minute, and turn my attention back to my main job of being Husband and Dad.

At the end of the day, it's all about balance. And as I ease back into the Social Media realm of the watch collecting hobby, this is something I'll have to always keep at the forefront of my mind. Life is important, watches, not so much.

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