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resistance is futile

Spinnaker Wreck Diver, Sporting 100 Meters of Water Resistance

Well, extreme water resistance anyway. In recent years, it became vogue for more watch manufacturers to begin upping the ante with regards to water resistance. Dive watches started popping-up across the marketplace with boastful water resistance claims far greater than most professional divers would ever dare to dive without some form of submersible vessel.

I personally fell under this spell of super water resistance, having purchased many timepieces throughout the years with water resistance ratings well North of 200 meters; I guess secretly thinking if ever the need arose warranting me to have a 1,000 meter plus diver strapped to my wrist, I'd be ready action!

Of course, there is a price to be paid for all of the extra gaskets, seals, and helium release valves built into your super water resistant timepiece, and many watch collectors have felt that pinch in their pockets. It seems though, that the trend is starting to swing the other way, if only a little bit. There are more than a few affordable watch manufacturers that are now sacrificing high water resistant ratings for heightened style, by offering combinations of exotic materials and colors in their watch builds, include the accompanying straps and bracelets.



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