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should my mate choose my wrist wear?

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

If you have a Wife or significant other like mine, then they probably have less than a passing interest in your watch purchase decisions or hobby itself, and in reality they probably don't want to be associated with enabling yet another watch purchase. If your mate fully embraces your hobby, or is a watch enthusiast also, then you are way ahead of most of us!

While each of us has our own unique style sense, sometimes we can become stuck in a style rut, and our daily fashion and fashion accessory choices can become predictable if not boring.

There is nothing wrong at all with occasionally bouncing your daily wrist-wear ideas off of your mate. Getting an objective opinion is helpful, because while we may know what we like, that objective opinion can shed light on what looks good in reference to an entire ensemble. Sometimes it's better to hear someone else's version of the truth.

Not to mention, including your mate in some of your wrist-wear purchase decisions can give your mate an idea of potential future gifting ideas. In my particular case, my Wife gifted me a wooden timepiece for our Anniversary last year, a beautiful Tiger's Eye beaded bracelet as a Christmas Gift, and as an Anniversary present this year, a copper infused beaded bracelet, all of which were homeruns! Including your significant other in your wrist-wear choices can only help to step-up your Wrist-Game!

If you are interested in more information and specifications on my timepiece shown below, please click the picture for a direct link.

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