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Should Your Watches Take A Staycation, While You Vacation?

3 watch travel roll case

The question, "how many watches should I take with me on vacation" comes up quite often across the various watch forums, and while the short answer, as with most things related to your personal watch collection, is whatever you feel comfortable with, there are some additional things to consider, before packing up a few of your favorite pieces to showcase while you are on vacation.

The first and foremost consideration, should be the security of your treasured timepieces during transport, and also while at your vacation destination. I've known many a watch collector, myself included, to resort to carefully, and logistically packing timepieces within suitcase luggage. This system of carry has many potential pitfalls; from liquids contained within luggage leaking onto watches, to possible damage from the mishandling of checked baggage, and of course theft from unscrupulous baggage attendants.

The second consideration, is the security and storage of your timepieces while at your destination. Are their combination safe boxes available in your room to keep your valuables secure? The last thing that you'd want, is to have your fine timepieces laying about, on desk drawer or counter tops, for any and all visitors to your room to see, while also leaving the watches exposed to possible damage.

The last consideration, and probably most important, is the area or region that you are traveling to. Domestic travel, within your country, should be fairly straightforward, and without consequence. International travel, involving Customs clearance, tends to get a little trickier. I found this out the hard way, a couple years ago, having traveled with multiple watches into Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I was detained by an airport security officer, while I attempted to clear customs into the Domican Republic, as the baggage scan revealed multiple timepieces. I ended-up having to pay-off the Airport Officer in the D.R., with American dollars, before being allowed to proceed on my way. Needless to say, is was a very tense, and nerve-racking few minutes for me.

So my recommendation, if you must travel with timepieces from your collection, try to narrow your choices down to 3 watches max. Utilize a travel roll case, like the example pictured above, to ensure your watches will be thoroughly protected from damage during travel and transit. The watch roll cases are also small enough to easily fit within your carry-on bag. If you are travelling internationally, especially to more underdeveloped countries, my advice would be to travel with one timepiece, and that's the one on your wrist. This will save you the trouble of having to explain your position and reason, for carrying multiple timepieces, without any formal financial declaration; in short, it's more trouble than it's worth.

Having a timepiece for any and all occasions is great when you're on your home turf, but while on vacation, choose only 1 to 3 max (depending on your destination), and focus on having a blast, relaxing, and enjoying your vacation, not your WOTD. Damaging, losing, or having a hallowed timepiece stolen while on your vacation, will most certainly ruin your holiday. Don't fret, your watches will be there to greet you upon your return.

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