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Shrinkage - Size Decreases With Age!

While this may seem like a bold and disturbing proclamation, there's no need to run out and consult your physician, or procure the latest and greatest in ED medication offerings. Rather, what I'm referring to is the ever diminishing case sizes in the watches you wear as you age, and as your tastes mature (at least for some of us).

In my early to mid-20s, I was enamored with case sizes north of 48mm; I suppose, in an effort to further showcase my daily wristwear choice. Without question, a 50mm timepiece will illicit a lot of attention, but not necessarily for reasons you may want. As I've gotten older, I feel my tastes in watches has continued to evolve and mature. And with this maturity, there has been a direct correlation in the diminishing case sizes of the watches I wear.

Admittedly, my current sweet spot for case diameter is 43mm to 46mm, still rather large by most modern watch aficionados tastes. But since venturing down the vintage path, I don't have any hesitation now, wearing timepieces far south of 40mm. As a matter of fact, my smallest timepiece, the Hamilton Myron, measures 23mm East to West.

So fear not my fellow watch enthusiats, in the case of shrinkage with age, regarding case diameters, it's actually a good thing.

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