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site update!

Proud to announce a couple of enhancements to my Wrist Game website. For all fans of Invicta timepieces, there is now a direct link to the Invicta Run on, from the main page on my blog, allowing you to snag some Invicta timepieces at rock bottom prices.

Additionally, have you thought about joining a monthly, mystery watch subscription? Well, as a member of one, I can tell you that there are some distinct disadvantages with some of the products offered. Enter Zew Box, a much different approach, and alternative to a monthly watch subscription.

With the watch club Zew Box, there is no blind, or mystery offering that you have to prepay for each month. Zew Box is a quarterly watch club, and each timepiece is introduced to members prior to the subscription campaign starting, so you know beforehand, if a particular timepiece being offered, will suit your style taste. No more blindly putting your money at risk, for a timepiece that you may, or may not like.

Best yet, some Zew Box timepieces will be presented with customizable options, to further define your style. To check out Zew Box, the quarterly watch club for those that know their style, you can sign-up at the following ling ->

There are also direct links to Zew Box from my blog main page. Sign-up is free, with no obligation, and you'll be on your way to experiencing a watch club, that puts you in control.

Lastly, I'll be adding a new section to my blog entitled "The Game Plan", where I'll be conducting interviews with principles, within the watch and wrist-wear accessorizing industry, so be on the look-out for that!

Thanks for your continued support!



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