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spacing the deliveries

As I've honed my collecting tastes throughout the years, one of the main things that I've tried my best to avoid is stacking watch deliveries on the same day, or 1 to 2 days apart. Ideally, I like to have a week in-between watch deliveries. The reason being, myself, along with many of my counterparts within the watch collecting hobby, like to enjoy a feeling-out period of time with a new timepiece, affectionately dubbed, the honeymoon.

The honeymoon period is important, as this period of time can be the determining factor on whether or not your buying choice was a wise decision, and you managed to snag a keeper, or your buyer's remorse will reach such a level that your new timepiece will end-up being returned, or flipped on the pre-owned market for another collector to love.

So Friday, it happened, two watch deliveries arrived on the same day, oh the horror! Now I face the anticipation of diving into, and exploring the newer timepiece, before sufficiently field testing my new timepiece.

This certainly qualifies as first world problems. Such is the watch collecting life!

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