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State Of My Vintage Collection

I was recently able to acquire a 1941 Hamilton Myron, and it was the perfect addition to my growing vintage sub-collection. My vintage box has some solid representation from hallowed Swiss brands like Omega, Zenith, and Rado, and of course, no collection would be complete without Seiko representation, but I definitely desired to add some American flare to the stable.

Hamilton was my brand of choice, and it's a brand that has such a rich history within the world of Horology. And the one case design I had yet to cover to date, with my vintage pieces, was the Tonneau or Tank case style. The 1941 Myron filled the bill, and the timepiece has such a simple elegance about it.

At approximately 22mm from East to West, the Hamilton is the smallest vintage piece I've purchased to date, and I honestly didn't know if I could pull it off. The Myron is also a little more worn than I typically want in my vintage pieces, but I felt the heavy patina and wear on the dial, added greatly to the Myron's character.

The one thing that dabbling into the vintage sect of watch collecting has taught me, is be comfortable outside of my comfort zone. And that mindset has opened the door to endless brand and style possibilities. I'm bursting with anticipation to see where the winding vintage road will take me next?

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