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storage matters

After amassing a certain number of timepieces, you will definitely want to look into proper storage for your collectibles. There are many important reasons for this, but the main one, first and foremost, is to ensure that your watches remain in good condition. Watches that simply lay around on a chest-of-drawers, end table, or a dresser could face any number of perils, not limited to, receiving unnecessary scratches, and worse yet, possibly getting knocked off its perch onto the floor. While many of the watch movements these days have integrated, anti-shock properties built-in, you definitely don't want to test this feature from a two-foot plus fall, from a dresser or table with regularity.

Keeping your timepiece in pristine condition will also be favorable for the resale value of your timepiece, should you attempt to sell it at some point. The watch box, or presentation box is the best means for protecting your collection. The best part, like watches, there are many styles and options available to you for protecting and / or presenting your watch collection.

Watch box styles range from single-slot travel winders, which are rotators used to maintain the power-reserve of automatic, mechanical timepieces, to multi-head, expandable winder systems the size of a wall, to boxes that safely store and / or present your watches in-between wearings. Whichever style of box or presentation you choose, physically protecting your timepieces will ensure your timepiece remains in great condition for many years to come.

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