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Sun's out, fun's in

Summer is the perfect time to liven-up the look on your wrist. And sunny weather means it's the right time to ditch those industrial stainless steel bracelets and dull, boring strap colors that personified your emotions during the cold, drab winter months, for bright happy colors.

Color variations of white, yellow, green, orange, and blue should rule now. Lighter, breathable strap materials like silicone, rubber, and nylon should also be the preferred choice, and are versatile enough to handle the wide range of temperature variances, maintaining optimum wrist comfort throughout the day.

Aesthetically, the switch to a more lighter-fare strap is immediately noticeable, changing attitudes both mentally and physically simultaneously. Watch manufacturers are taking note, as many watches are now being shipped with alternate straps included. My Oris Great Barrier Reef Diver pictured, was shipped on a black rubber strap, but had the yellow alternate strap included. So ditch the steel, and liven-up your wrist with a little color.

If you would like additional information on the specification of the Oris Great Barrier Reef Diver featured in this article, please click on the picture to be taken to a direct link of information.

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