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Bulova Devil Diver 666 Review

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

WOTD wrist shot of the Bulova, Oceanographer, Snorkel, A/K/A "Devil Diver" 666, shown with custom beaded bracelet by Beads By Gonzo.
Bulova, Oceanographer, Snorkel

Most watch collectors will have a short list of must-have, or at the very least, their most desired timepieces. For me, at the very top of that list, was the Bulova, Oceanographer, Snorkel, also known as the Devil Diver 666.

The speculation and rumors regarding the actual release date of the timepiece ran rampant across the internet, with the only acknowledgment from Bulova regarding their "throwback" series, a header category on their website entitled "special". Heck, I missed out on a special, Limited Edition of the timepiece. In which people were willing to pay over 6-times the actual value of the watch, based on comparable timepiece builds; maybe I was lucky in that respect, LOL.

The 'regular' pieces finally released to the public, and they are definitely worth the wait. The biggest knock against vintage re-issued timepieces, is that there is usually some wrinkle with the new design, that deviates from the original; not so with the Devil Diver 666. Bulova stayed true to the original design, with the dial, bezel, and case an exact representation of the original; the timepiece seemingly pulled from the safe of a vintage watch collector in pristine, brand new condition.

The case is in that sweet 44 - 45 mm sweet spot that looks and feels fantastic on the wrist. The classic design is capped-off with Bulova's take on the jubilee bracelet.

The popularity and demand of vintage revivals, like the Bulova, Oceanographer, Snorkel will mean we can expect more back-to-the-future watch designs from all the major manufacturers.

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