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the daily beater, justification for more than one watch!

Casio Tough Solar Alarm-Ghrono

Okay, so you've managed to purchase that really nice watch that you've had your eyes on, or perhaps you were recently gifted a timepiece that you consider special, only to be worn on special occasions, what next? You now have the perfect excuse to add to your watch collection in the form of a "beater". A "beater" is that daily knock-around watch perfect for any type of casual or sports activity. The "beater" watch typically makes no apologies for what it is, it has one job, to take on all of the knocks, dings, bumps, bruises, and scratches that would be reserved for your nicer watch if you wore it daily.

Price range for a "beater" watch will vary greatly, but most fall under the $50 USD mark. Typically the dollar amount spent on the beater will be such that if the watch were completely destroyed, it would barely move the scale on your anger meter, and most likely the cost of replacing the "beater" watch be lower than the cost of repairing it. My "beater" of choice, the Casio Tough Solar Alarm Chronograph pictured below, dressed-up on an ultra-soft polyurethane diver's strap

So rejoice, you now have a plausible excuse for owning more than one watch, and will be well on your way to building your watch collection

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