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The Next Direction For The Collection?

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Wrist-Game Swag with McDowell Time Tidewater & McDowell Time Maxton Timepieces
Flying my Maryland Wrist Flag

Two months in to 2020, and I have yet to pull the trigger on my first watch purchase. The Molnija Chemical Warrior was my first watch received in 2020, but I actually purchased the timepiece at the end of 2019; shipping from the Ukraine takes forever!

My plan for 2019, was to focus on adding more Russian and Eastern European watches to my collection; this was always my first thought when considering a timepiece to add to the collection. I was able to accomplish this goal, by adding the likes of Vostok Europe, Almaz - Bronze, Vostok Europe, Expedition Everest - Underground, Tsikolia, GT40 Racing Chronograph, Vostok, Amphibian - Radio Room, Pramzius, Fall of the Berling Wall, and Moljina; all of the aforementioned timepieces hail from the Country origins of Russia, Lithuania, Georgia, or the Ukraine.

I've finally decided on which direction my collection will take in 2020. I've had the good fortune to be able to discover some great microbrand and boutique timepiece offerings, right here in my home State of Maryland. I've personally owned timepieces from TSAO Baltimore (Baltimore, MD), and McDowell Time (Rockville, MD), and can tell you that both of these brands, offer watches with build quality that far exceeds the prices being offered, many times over. But the greatness of Maryland based microbrands doesn't just end with TSAO Baltimore and McDowell Time. There is also Towson Watch Co. (Towson, MD), which builds more boutique, high-end offerings, and Hager Watch Co. (Hagerstown, MD), which focuses on affordably-priced dive watches, but recently introduced a "Pilot" inspired

timepiece to their collection.

So, adding timepieces from the aforementioned, Maryland micro-brand watchmakers, will be my main area of focus in 2020. There are also a few other boutique models / brands that I've got my eye on as well.

Chances are, my collection will soon begin taking-on a little extra, added Maryland flavor, with a few non-Maryland, boutique brands sprinkled-in. My Maryland flavor will become so heavy within my collection, you'll swear it's Old Bay.

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