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  • Philip Dashiell

The Versatility Of The Dress Diver; Why Everyone Should Have One In Their Collection

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Wrist-shot of the Aquanero Sailmaker, paired with matching beaded bracelet.
Aquanero Sailmaker

As collectors, we strive to have a watch for any, and all occasions. But the dress-diver is truly a category of timepiece, flexible enough to go from the business environment, to a formal party setting, to a casual day at the beach. The only prerequisites for a dress-diver, must be in the dive watch genre, the watch will usually be on a bracelet, as silicone or rubber straps tend to give a watch a more sporty look, and leather straps can dress down the look of a timepiece, making it more suitable for casual applications. Lastly, the watch should be engineered, to be able to handle the extreme variances in application and environment, to include shock resistance and water resistance.

The idea of versatility, is that the dress-diver will look just fine, and not out of place on the wrist, no matter the environment or situation.

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