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the watch that launched a thousand collections

Pictured is the watch responsible for lighting my flame and sparking my interest in watch collecting. While the Tag Heuer Sport Elegance diver was what I considered my first real, substantial watch purchase (mainly because of the cost), the Invicta 8926 OB was my first automatic wristwatch. The reasons were many: affordable, automatic, and an homage to that iconic submariner look!

I found it interesting that a combination of gears and springs alone could power a timepiece and the 8926 further peaked my interest in understanding how mechanical and mechanical automatic watches functioned, and the fun in researching and discovering the many different movements and complications that were available on the market.

In my title, I dub this timepiece as the watch that launched 1,000 watch collections, but in actuality, the true number is probably more like 1 million, LOL. The Invicta brand is either loved or hated in collecting circles, there seems to be no middle ground. I've personally found the brand to be one that offers the most bang-for-the-buck of any watch brand I've owned. And I guess I've just been fortunate through the years, that over the many dozens, if not hundreds of Invicta timepieces that I've owned, I have yet to be confronted with the defect or customer service issues that seemed to have plagued others, luck of the draw I guess. It has certainly been fun for me discovering the many different watch brands available, and the unique offerings that set certain brands apart from others in materials, quality, and reliability.

The great thing about watch collecting, there is not one select blueprint. Each collection will be as unique and different as the individual collectors themselves. But there will always be that "one" that started it all!

If you are interested in additional information regarding the specifications of the Invicta 8926 OB, please click on the picture to a direct link.

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