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Thou holiest of grails!

As collectors, many of us have had a short list, or perhaps an extremely long list of timepieces that we dream to have in our collection, someday. But the hallowed grail itself, or range of timepieces that fit the bill, at least in my particular case, tends to vary and changes as the limits of my disposable income have changed.

Personal tastes may change over time as well. My affinity for Pilot watches, early on in my watch collecting hobby, has now morphed into a fondness for Dive watches, and with that, my grail followed suit.

After you have managed to save the required pennies, mortgaged the house, had your grail timepiece gifted by a generous benefactor, or hit the lottery to acquire your dream timepiece, now what? Most likely, there will be a new dream, or better yet, goal watch that will take the mantle as your next pursuit.

So whether you're trying to find that rare unicorn, 1 of 1, specific brand, special movement, or complication, your grail timepiece is out there, so happy hunting!

If you would like additional information or specifications on my IWC Top-Gun Miramar timepiece pictured above, please click on the picture for a direct link to the information.

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