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ThreadBeast Review

In my continuing quest to achieve better style sense, and on the heels of my last, less than stellar Stitch Fix delivery received (based on sizing errors and variety), and in the interest of due diligence by canvassing other style curated options, I decided to give the ThreadBeast styling service a try.

There are some similarities and differences between Stitch Fix and ThreadBeast. First, ThreadBeast operates more like a monthly blind subscription, in that you pay up front for a designated tier level ($55 - Basic Plan, $85 - Essential Plan, $135 - Premium Plan, and Baller Plan for $250, which includes Premium level gear, plus one pair of shoes each month. Stitch Fix sends items to be previewed at no cost (plus the charge of a $20 styling fee), and you get a couple days to decide which items, if any, you'd like to purchase. At the end of the day, while I did like the quality of clothing received through Stitch Fix, the service gaff with my most recent delivery, definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. And hey, it's always good to have options.

Right up front, ThreadBeast bills itself as "casual street-wear". ThreadBeast utilizes personal stylists (much like Stitch Fix), to curate clothing selections based off of your age, and designated style parameters. So, how did they do?

My box arrived (pictured above), and I was excited to see how the Beast compared to the Fix. Everything within the box was packed and presented neat and orderly. Shipping was through UPS Ground, and was much faster and efficient than the U.S. Postal shipping used by Stitch Fix. As far as the clothing items, I received a plaid jacket, with a faux wool lining, cut-off sweat pants shorts, two graphic tee-shirts, a pair of florescent Green socks, and pair of boxer briefs. Now, as a man of a certain age, there is definitely a more polished look that I'm trying to achieve with my clothing style; not the 20-something, I just rolled out of bed after partying all night long, look. Now to be fair, as stated earlier, "street casual" is ThreadBeast's style lane; but since I don't see me hanging at the skateboard park anytime soon, or banging in a mosh pit at a concert, this curated and styled clothing subscription service, doesn't quite fit my specific needs.

Getting my subscription cancelled proved to be a bit of a challenge, as it took several days for someone from ThreadBeast customer service to respond to my cancellation request via email. I then had to wait another day or two, after first contact, for one of their CSR reps to call me, and follow-up on the email contact, to finally get my account cancellation processed. ThreadBeast also doesn't do returns. So, all of the aforementioned street gear became an instant part of my wardrobe, whether I liked it or not. At least the plaid jacket was a keeper.


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