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To Bead or not to bead, that is the question

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

Not so long ago, I was in the purist camp that nothing should be made to detract from the beauty of the timepiece upon your wrist. I would gaze upon various print adds and watch forum posting showing amazing timepieces accompanied by bracelets of all sorts, leather, silver, gold, beaded and everything in between, oh the horror! How could anyone intentionally want to take away from the presence and styling of their timepiece? Not to mention, at that time I prescribed to a very closed-minded notion that bracelets were jewelry reserved for the fairer sex.

But something began to change my mindset regarding men's bracelets a little over a year ago. Perhaps it was a strategically-placed and / or well-timed print media ad, or posting by a fellow watch forum member that caught my eye and allowed me a second look, and fully appreciate what a positive influence bracelets can have on your wrist-game! From a fashion accessorizing standpoint, the right bracelet selection can most definitely enhance your choice of timepiece, whether worn on the same wrist or opposite wrist. Bracelets can help to frame or showcase the timepiece on your wrist. The right bracelet can compliment your choice of timepiece, by coordinating color schemes that may be prevalent in your timepiece, or help bring out particular colors present within your timepiece that may be muted.

After falling off the no-bracelet wagon, there is no turning back for me. I find it fun to select bracelets or have bracelets customized to accentuate and compliment my daily wrist wear choices, making my daily wrist wear selections all the more original, and that's the point right?

If you are interested on more information on my Victorinox Chrono Classic pictured, please click the picture for a direct link.



Philip Dashiell
Philip Dashiell
Apr 28, 2018

Carl, nice work with your bracelet creation! It's fantastic that you've found yet another way, and very creative outlet for you and your Wife to share and grow in the watch collecting hobby!


Carl Kilo
Carl Kilo
Apr 25, 2018

I made my first bead bracelet the other day. This is now something else my wife and I do together. While I still don't wear a bracelet everyday, I do feel it compliments a timepiece.

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