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Tsikolia GT40 Racing Chronograph Review

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Tsikolia GT40 Racing Chronograph, Limited Edition
Tsikolia GT40 Racing Chronograph, Limited Edition

There are few color schemes that are truly iconic in both the watch collecting circles, and the car racing genre, that symbolize racing more than the powder Blue and Orange of the Gulf GT Racing Team. Many different watch brands and models have capitalized on this eye-catching display of colors; the Tag Heuer Monaco and Formula 1, BRM, and Steinhart Lemans GT, just to name a few. Well, add the Tsikolia GT40 Racing Chronograph to this notable list of wrist racers. But how does it stack-up, in a hands-on test drive?

The brand Tsikolia, is the brainchild of renowned International designer, Zviad Tsikolia, who has previously received RED Dot design award recognition for both watch design concept and packaging. And the Tsikolia GT40 Racing Chronograph is a beauty in design, with the eye-popping looks capturing my attention at first glance, starting with the initial concept / prototype photos released at the initial start-up of the project.

Impeccable presentation packaging greets you from Tsikolia with this GT40 Professional Chronograph, Limited Edition, that further plays on the Gulf, Ford GT Racing Team colors, given the powder Blue and Orange border stitching, around the top and sides of the leather-bound presentation box. A metal, signature branded nameplate, is a nice added touch by Tsikolia, and adds an air of luxury and exclusivity to the presentation of this Limited Edition timepiece.

Upon opening the presentation box for the first time, you're immediately greeted with the gorgeous Tsikolia timepiece, International Gurantee / Warranty Card, and extensive, multi-lingual instruction booklet; both documents and timepiece conveniently and safely tucked-away in protective compartments.

The Tsikolia, GT40 Racing Chronograph, Limited Edition, is a visually stunning timepiece, with the Gulf Racing colors of the Ford GT race car, prominently displayed and showcased throughout this entire timepiece. The dial notwithstanding, the powder Blue and Orange accents are uniquely displayed in the strap as well, not only with a matching contrast stitching, but also utilizing an Orange contrasted inlay, within the perforation of the strap, offering a rather unique take on the classic racing-style strap.

The integration of the strap and case is seamless, as the lug-ends are hidden by a slight overhang extension of the case, creating a clean presentation. This case extension is a blessing and a curse though, as with a case diameter at 47mm, it can give the case a slightly bulky appearance when on the wrist, but does not detract at all from the wearable comfort of this timepiece.

Not a lot of additional fanfare on the rear of the Tsikolia, GT40 Racing Chronograph, but the hex, lug nut style screwed-in caseback further plays on the racing theme of this timepiece. The high-polished look is eye-catching, and the case rear also displays the Limited Edition number designation of the timepiece.

On the wrist, the overall presentation of the Tsikolia, GT40 Professional Chronograph is primed for the winner's circle. With many racing-inspired nuances within the dial, this timepiece doesn't just say racing chronograph, it screams it at the top of it's lungs!

The piece is powered by the Swiss Quartz, Ronda 5040 D. A fully functional chronograph, which sports a big date complication at the 12 o'clock position. The Tsikolia GT40 is an exceptional timepiece in its current form, but if this timepiece is ever manufactured in a Swiss Automatic Chronograph version, it would be like adding a supercharger.

Overall, this tribute to the Ford GT race car is a nice effort by Tsikolia. This Limited Edition ttimepiece retails online through the Tsikolia website for approximately $1,600 USD, but may be obtained through authorized U.S. distributor, at more discounted pricing.

If you love racing chronographs, especially those with a Gulf Racing theme, the Tsikolia, GT40 Racing Chronograph, Limited Edition, is well worth the look, and will surely vie for pole position status within your respective watch collection.


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