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unboxing anticipation

Renato Master Horologe, Moonphase by Martin Braun Packaging

The one aspect of watch collecting that the uninitiated probably don't put a lot of thought into, is the method of packaging and presentation that the watch manufacturers include with their timepieces. This is however, one of the little known drivers influencing the purchasing of multiple timepieces within a collection.

The anticipation that comes with waiting for your newly ordered timepiece to be delivered in good order can be excruciating. In most cases, with standard shipping, most collectors will receive their hallowed timepiece within one week of purchase. However, in the case of pre-orders, it could take upwards of 6 to 10 months, if not longer, for your watch to arrive. I know I've been guilty of springing for the expedited shipping up-charge, on more than a few occassions, just to quell the anticipation.

So what's the big deal? It would be the excitement of exploring not only the packaging, but of course, the timepiece contained within. Watchmakers understand the importance of the unboxing process and the growing craze to watch collectors. Heck, unboxing has sprouted its own cottage industry on You Tube in recent years. Watch manufacturers are stepping-up the unboxing experience by utilizing more exotic materials (woods, leather, satin), you name it, in an effort to up the ante in style and luxury. Watch vendors continue to come up with inventive packaging ideas, with many storage containers following the motif of the watch, i.e. a dive watch presentation box shaped like a scuba tank, or including amenities such as single-slot watch winders as part of the packaging. In the above example pictured, the Renato Moonphase packaging included an instruction booklet sporting a photo-realistic picture of the moons surface, and an alligator-print, leather embossed clear presentation case to prominently display the timepiece.

Most recently, the new line of Invicta S1 Racing concept watches will ship in presentation boxes shaped like a racing helmet, which is very cool indeed.

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