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Updated: Sep 6, 2018

What's My Wrist-Wear Choice for Today?

My Flavor of the Day

For Tuesday, my wrist-wear of choice is the Laco, Type B, Aachen, Pilot. This vintage-style pilot watch, is a real beauty, sporting one of the most legible dials I've every seen, and the lume on this piece is off-the-charts, very torch-like.

This is one of two timepieces that I have in my collection that are made in Germany, and this is just further proof that there are many fine timepieces being manufactured outside of the hallowed Swiss regions.

Pairing this timepiece with one of my custom beaded bracelets designed by Beads By Gonzo. This bracelet is the perfect compliment to at least 5 different timepieces within my collection, with the mosaic of colors within the bracelet providing amazing versatility in terms of accessorizing.

If you would like more information on the specifications of the Laco, Type B, Aachen timepiece, featured in this WOTD article, please click on the picture, to be taken to a direct link .


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