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What's My Wrist-Wear Choice for Today?

My Flavor of the Day

WOTD wrist shot of the Bulova, Oceanographer, Snorkel, A/K/A "Devil Diver" 666, along-side custom beaded bracelet by Beads By Gonzo.
Bulova, Oceanographer, Snorkel

NFL Football Sundays are normally reserved for timepieces within my collection with a blue, or blue and white theme, in support of my favorite NFL team the Colts. Today, I had to make an exception, as I'm still honeymooning with the Bulova, Oceanographer, Snorkel.

Prying this timepiece off my wrist will be a challenge, because it is simply a sweet watch! A perfectly detailed recreation of a classic, vintage timepiece, with a case size that lands in the sweet spot for me at 44 - 45 mm; taking-up plenty of real estate on the wrist without feeling over-sized or clunky.

Bulova's vintage, or "special" series is reviving some of their classic, most iconic designs, and is definitely worth the look.

Accessorizing this beautiful vintage-style diver with a set of custom-designed beads by vendor Beads By Gonzo.


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