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What's My Wrist-Wear Choice for Today?

My Flavor of the Day

WOTD wrist shot of the Moto-Time, Hornet Chronograph, accessorized with a white Yak Bone beaded bracelet.
Moto-Time, Hornet Chronograph

For Saturday, still giving the new arrival, The Moto-Time, Hornet Chronograph a spin around the block. This watch is not my usual flavor, but there are certain design elements within this timepiece that are definitely beginning to grow on me.

I like the multi-level dial and chapter ring, and given that the chronograph timer sub-dials, and the 24-hour dual-time sub-dial appear to be at different levels on the dial, this shows a bit of design and build intricacy with this timepiece.

The bracelet is very nicely constructed as well, incorporating a mix of brushed and polished surfaces, with this theme carried throughout the case and bezel. This watch could be serviceable as an everyday daily watch, or versatile enough for more dressier occasions.


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