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Bulova, Oceanographer, Devil Diver 666

Ending the work week with the Bulova, Oceanographer, Devil Diver 666. I always love desk-diving with the Devil Diver, and simply can't wait for this timepiece to come back around in my wearing rotation.

This timepiece is nearly an exact replication of the 1972 version of the Devil Diver, save being slightly larger. The vintage case design, and Bulova's design take on the jubilee bracelet, make for an extremely comfortable feel on the wrist.

With a dial that plays between blue and black, raised index markers, and cross-hair on the dial, it never gets old peering at this beautiful diver. Bulova's entire line of "special" vintage re-issue timepieces are truly something to behold, and definitely worth checking-out.

Pairing this gorgeous timepiece with a blood-red with black accents, beaded bracelet, custom designed by Beads By Gonzo, to perfectly compliment the Devil Diver.


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