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Watch of the day

What's my wrist-wear choice for today?

My Flavor Of The Day

WOTD wrist shot of the Citizen, Eco-Drive, accompanied by custom-made bracelet by Beads By Gonzo.
Citizen, Eco-Drive, Promaster

If it's NFL Football Sunday, it means I'll be wearing a timepiece with a blue and white theme, in honor of my beloved Colts. Unfortunately, they're 1 and 4 as I type this, so perhaps I should switch it up, in order to bring them some better luck.

The Citizen, Eco-Drive Promaster is simply a trusty, rock-solid, grab-n-go timepiece. A stylish diver that's tough enough to be an effective daily wearer, suitable to tackle any, and all elements. Lume junkies will fall in love with this timepiece, as the lume can best be described as torch-like.

Pairing this bulletproof diver with a custom beaded bracelet, sporting the Colts team colors, designed by Beads By Gonzo.

The Colts were undermanned and outplayed again today, so to lift my spirits, I made a rare afternoon switch to a new arrival, the Casio G-Shock, Tough Solar. This watch was my Black Subscription for the month of October, from Watch Gang. I'll provide more information on my impressions of the Casio, in my monthly Watch Gang subscription review.

Casio, G-Shock, Tough Solar MTGM900BD-1CR
Casio, G-Shock, Tough Solar MTGM900BD-1CR


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