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Aviator, SWIFTS Flight Team, Professional Chronograph, Limited Edition.

Every collector needs a few good chronographs in their collection. Not that you plan on doing any lap-timing any time soon, but just for the simple fact that chronographs are really cool. My choice for today, is the Aviator, SWIFTS Flight Team, Professional Chronograph, Limited Edition.

This Aviator is a quartz timepiece, but I have an affinity for grab-n-go timepieces, they just make life easy! The downside to most chronographs, is that some dial configurations are simply too busy for some. This timepiece is the certified watch for the SWIFTS Flight Team, Russia's version of the Blue Angels, so clarity and dial-layout were definitely given top consideration. The deeply textured dial, white index markers with silver accents, and well-placed yellow accents on the case, bezel, and dial, simply make this dial pop! The instrument-style dial makes one think of the guages in a fighter-jet cockpit; refined yet functional.

Matching this beautiful Aviator Chronograph, with a custom beaded bracelet, designed by Beads By Gonzo.


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