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Bulova, Oceanographer, Devil Diver 666

For Friday, my wrist-wear choice is the Bulova, Oceanographer, Devil Diver 666. I don't think I've ever owned a timepiece that has gone by so many different names and tag lines, Oceanographer, Devil Diver, Snorkel, but this timepiece truly lives up to every single one of them.

This timepiece exemplifies balance on the wrist, with a cushioned case that has perfect wearable dimensions, and a silky smooth version of a jubilee bracelet, that hugs the bracelet, without feeling constrained.

The Devil Diver alone would be enough to raise the wrist-game of anyone's wrist, but adding the blood red, black-accented beaded bracelet, by Beads By Gonzo, offers the perfect compliment to the Devil Diver's Coke Bezel and dial.


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