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Watch of the day

What's my wrist-wear choice for today?

My Flavor Of The Day

WOTD wrist shot of the Breitling, Avenger Seawolf, paired with custom beaded bracelet by Beads By Gonzo
Breitling, Avenger Seawolf

With a blustery Noreaster rolling through on Saturday, it was a friendly reminder that Old Man Winter is right around the corner. So why not add a burst of sunshine to the wrist, to fight the rainy day blues.

That sunshine comes in the form of the Breitling, Avenger Seawolf, with a vibrant code-yellow dial. Not many brands pull off the Aeromarine concept quite like Breitling, giving watch wearers the best, of both the diving and pilot watch worlds, with accuracy-tested certified chronometers, and high-grade materials.

The burst of sunshine continues on the wrist, as the Avenger Seawolf is paired with a custom breaded bracelet designed by Beads By Gonzo.


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