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Alexander Olyn, A420, Valjoux 7750, Automatic Chronograph

For Football Sunday, I'm usually rocking a blue and white themed timepiece, in support of my Colts. And even though they had a bye this week, I still had to represent the team colors on their week off.

Going with the Alexander Olyn, A420, Valjoux 7750, Automatic Chronograph. The Swiss Made, Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement has been a rock solid movement, used since the early 1970's, and continues to be utilized in a bevy of high-end, luxury chronographs.

The dial contrast, and use of colors on the Alexander timepiece is spectacular, and provides extreme clarity and legibility at a glance.

Pairing the Alexander A420, with a flat bracelet from INOX, which captures perfectly, all of the color hues of the timepiece.


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