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Bulova, Oceanographer, Devil Diver 666, Re-Issue

It's not even officially Winter yet, but today we've got our first wintry weather in the forecast for today. So, I had to choose a timepiece that can easily stand-up to the rigors of the wet, blustery conditions. My choice, the Bulova, Oceanographer, Devil Diver 666, Re-Issue.

While the high-polish may give the outward appearance of a dressy diver, the Devil Diver is a true dive watch, and definitely has more "tool" qualities than dress. As a vintage re-issue, the Devil Diver stays true to it's predecessor aesthetically, being almost a dead ringer for the original, save a slightly larger case size. Not many dive watches these days have that WOW factor, but I can say that the Devil Diver is not one of them, the WOWS don't end with this timepiece.

Pairing this beautiful diver today, with a devilishly red and black complimentary bracelet, designed by Beads By Gonzo.


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