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Invicta Reserve, Sub Aqua, Noma I, Mickey Limited Edition

I was remiss in giving props to Mickey on his Birthday Sunday, with my fanboy obligations to my NFL team, but giving Mickey a big, belated Happy Birthday shout-out to Mickey on Monday, in the Invicta Reserve, Sub Aqua, Noma I, Mickey Limited Edition.

Everyone needs a fun, carefree timepiece within their collection. And this Mickey, Sub Aqua, Noma I, Limited Edition exudes fun. That's not to say that this timepiece doesn't have some serious cool factor as well. At a glance, it's easy to see how intricate the dial lay-out is on this timepiece, and I still continue to find new design nuances within this timepiece, each time I wear it.

Pairing this Mickey limited edition, with a pair of custom beaded bracelets designed by Beads By Gonzo, helping to make my wrist, the happiest wrist on earth.


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