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What's my wrist-wear choice for today?

My Flavor Of The Day

WOTD wrist-shot of the Lucien Piccard, Ottoman, paired with a Yak bone, copper-infused, beaded bracelet.
Lucien Piccard, Ottoman

My choice of timepiece for Thursday, is the Lucien Piccard, Ottoman, Automatic, Multi-Function. I've said it time, and time again, a stunning look on your wrist, shouldn't break your bank book. There are plenty of affordable options out in the retail universe (most low-cost, pieces of highest quality, found online), that can really give you a great look on your wrist.

Just take a look at the detail in the dial of the Ottoman. There are no less than 6 different textures used on this dial. Add the individually applied Roman numerals, and engraving on the open-heart bridge, and this piece gushes with quality, not to mention, giving you a powerful statement on your wrist, suitable for the boardroom or fancy ballroom. The high-grade, square-grain leather strap, adds to the luxury of this timepiece. Adding a genuine crocodile or alligator strap would really add to the luxurious look of this piece, if that's even possible. But in reality, a genuine alligator or crocodile strap, will probably cost more than the timepiece.

Pairing this beautiful Lucien Piccard, with a Yak bone, copper-infused, beaded bracelet. With the copper infusion within the bracelet, supposed to have healing properties.


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