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Sturmanski, Traveller Watch, Automatic

For Thursday, I'm sporting one of my newest arrivals to the collection, the Sturmanski, Traveller Watch Automatic. This watch is simply beautiful, sporting a mixed of brushed and polished surfaces, and a nice detailed map relief on the dial.

A great timepiece, is one that usually has some special quality that makes it a conversation piece, and the Traveller Watch has that. To start, it has a true 24-hour movement; an interesting watch movement and complication that enables the hour-hand to make only one full revolution of the dial, within a 24-hour period. Obviously, this makes time reading a little different than the typical 12-hour dial set-up. Second, being a Russian made timepiece, the focus of the map relief on the dial, and city display on the internal bezel for the world timer function, are all Eurasian focused, rather than presenting the information from a North American perspective, which is typical.

Pairing this Russian-made beauty with a minimalist, Hematite beaded bracelet, designed by Aurum Brothers.


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