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Invicta SubAqua Noma V, Automatic Chronograph

Another Colt's Football Sunday, calls for another blue selection from my collection. My choice today is the Invicta, SubAqua Noma V, Automatic Chronograph.

Grailworthy timepieces come in all shapes and forms, and are typically designated by brand, movement, or complications that the movement displays. The Swiss Valjoux 7750, automatic chronograph movement has been a staple movement used in various models by many high-end, luxury watch brands. This particular Invicta timepiece is powered by a Swiss clone of that Valjoux 7750 movement, in the Sellita, SW-500. Swiss Made, automatic chronograph movements are not necessarily rare, but aren't seen everyday in the world of watch collecting, so obtaining one to add to any collection is special.

Pairing this massive hunk of stainless steel, with a custom beaded bracelet by Beads By Gonzo.


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