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Szanto, Danny Sullivan GT Mod

For Sunday, starting the day with the Szanto, Danny Sullivan, Icon Signature Series modification, that I have dubbed the "Sully" GT Chronograph.

It's definitely been great falling in love with this timepiece all over again, as the mod has given this timepiece a whole new vibe and attitude. One thing that I have noticed about the StrapsCo watch strap, is that it is not as thickly padded as some other high-quality, leather watch straps that I've owned previously. My hope is that the strap will break-in nicely as I continue to give it added wrist-time. And with this hot mod, this watch is sure to get plenty of it. Given that today is Colts' Football Sunday, I'll be making a switch just prior to kickoff, to one of my more predominately "blue" themed selections.

For Sunday, once again, pairing the "Sully" GT chronograph with a custom beaded bracelet, designed by Beads By Gonzo.


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