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Watch of the day

What's my wrist-wear choice for today?

My Flavor Of The Day

WOTD wrist-shot of the Heritor, Morrison Automatic Diver, paired with custom, beaded bracelet, designed by Beads By Gonzo.
Heritor, Morrison, Automatic Diver

My Christmas Eve wrist-wear choice is the Heritor, Morrison, Automatic Dive watch. This watch would have been my Watch Gang, Black Subscription timepiece for December, but "somebody", meaning me, changed my preferences from sport / diver, to dress, and I received the J. Brackett dress watch as my December subscription watch instead.

One of the great benefits with the Watch Gang Exchange forum, is that there are always watch collectors that are looking to trade a timepiece, that may not necessarily be their cup of tea. As luck and opportunity would have it, I came across another Watch Gang member that received the Pepsi version of the Heritor, and wanted to trade that timepiece for something else. We connected, and came to terms on a trade deal, my first on the exchange. Both the other collector, and myself came away very satisfied with the trade.

As for the timepiece, the Heritor feels really solid on the wrist. Case design and bracelet are very well constructed, and the uni-directional bezel turns true with zero slop. The bracelet is designed with a hidden clasp enclosure, and it is a little tricky to manipulate, but affords a very clean look on the wrist.

Pairing this beautiful, cushion-cased dive watch, with a custom, beaded bracelet, designed by Beads By Gonzo.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!


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