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Glycine, Combat Sub

For Tuesday, I decided to go with a quiet favorite within my collection, the Glycine, Combat Sub. For aero-marine style timepieces, there are really only two names in the watch world, that immediately come to my mind, Breitling and Glycine.

Glycine as a brand, has made modern aeronautical watches their niche, and their combination diver's / pilot watches, have been favorite styles among watch collectors for years. I love this timepiece, essentially because of the mix of matte and brushed finishes, and the polished edges on the dial numerals, and index markers, which give almost a 3-D effect, allowing the red colors to "pop" off the dial.

Complimenting the dial colors, is an aftermarket Kevlar strap, with contrast stitching, and a custom, beaded bracelet, designed by Beads By Gonzo, further enhancing the deep red hues.

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