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Invicta Reserve, Dubois-Depraz ETA Modified, Speedway, Automatic Chronograph, Limited Edition

My Thursday choice, is one of the more rare timepieces within my collection, the Invicta Reserve, Dubois-Depraz ETA modified, Speedway, Automatic Chronograph, Limited Edition. This watch is probably the longest-tenured timepiece within my collection. And while I don't really think there are any true "keepers" within my collection (blog post to follow), there is definitely something special about this timepiece.

Grail worthy timepieces come in many forms, either by brand, having a special, sought after movement or complication, or just being rare. This timepiece exemplifies what the brand Invicta does well, and that is make rare movement complications, and materials, accessible to a wide range of watch collectors. And this Speedway, definitely hits two out of three grail points. The Dubois-Depraz, ETA modified, stacked chronograph module, is an automatic movement configuration not seen everyday. Secondly, this particular model was launched years ago, with much controversy involving the movement and defects. So, many of the original models were sent back for refund and / or replacement, and they left very few, pristine, working models out in the market. Luckily, I was able to find one, perfectly working example, and these timepieces remain hard to find, in any quantities.

Pairing this beautiful chronograph, with a custom, beaded bracelet, designed by Beads By Gonzo.


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